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Various Artists-Sunny Island Vol.1

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Various Artists-Sunny Island Vol.1

mentaltunes rec.
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Various Artists-Sunny Island Vol.1 Compilation including Sensistar, Cosmic Mantis, Ras Gee, Alo One, B Bon and City Rapper. Music genres: Lounge, Chill, Dub, Reggae. Production by mentaltunes rec. EAN4061707559921. Total length: 1h 36min 34sec

Music production by mentaltunes rec.

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You`ll get full 18tracks as Digital Download (Wave Format) + Art Cover (Jpeg Format).

1. Sensistar- Busstop to Babylon 7:30min
2. Cosmic Mantis-Tropical Landing 5:57min
3. Alo One- Nations of Africa 5:24min
4. Ras Gee- Chantin Dub 4:38min
5. B Bon- One World 4:28min
6. Cosmic Mantis- Fair to the Kings Dub 5:28min
7. Sensistar- Spiritual Dub 6:12min
8. Alo One- Mental Dub 4:38min
9. Sensistar-Le drop de lafrique solar (Remix) 6:28min
10. Cosmic Mantis- Spiritual Breeze 4:28min
11. Ras Gee- Unity Dub 5:24min
12. Sensistar- Eternity Phazed 4:18min
13. Cosmic Mantis- Internal Dub 7:00min
14. Sensistar- And the spirit goes on 7:28min
15. Ras Gee- Bee Girl Dub 3:12min
16. Sensistar- Spread out Version 5:22min
17. City Rapper- Lovin Africa 4:25min
18. Cosmic Mantis- Sunrise 4:14min
Art Cover Sunny Island Vol.1