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Ras Gee- Inna Mi Yards

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Ras Gee- Inna Mi Yards

mentaltunes rec.
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Ras Gee- Inna Mi Yards  12track full album 

Official Release Date: Dec16,2019


Dubwise selection produced by mentaltunes rec.

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You`ll get Ras Gee- Inna Mi Yards Full Album 12Tracks as digital download (Wave Format) + Art Cover (Jpeg Format)

1.Ras Gee- Luv Attack (Dub Version) 3:52min
2.Ras Gee- One God (Dub Version) 6:03min
3.Ras Gee- Soul Rebel Lion (Dub Version) 4:54min
4.Ras Gee- Rasta Move Dub 3:15min
5.Ras Gee- Natty Bongo 5:02min
6.Ras Gee- Praise Jah 5:46min
7.Ras Gee- Lets Come And Dance Dub 5:00min
8.Ras Gee- Live Up Dub 3:21min
9.Ras Gee- Rasta Can Do Dub 4.13min
10.Ras Gee- Let Us Live 6:00min
11.Ras Gee- Reggae 8:09min
12.Ras Gee- The Devil Is A Lyer 4:52min
Art Cover Ras Gee- Inna Mi Yards